Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Behavior & Teamwork

As teachers, we have received extensive training to understand student behavior. But, even with years of teaching experience and a bag full of tricks, student behavior can make or break a classroom environment.

So, what's the solution to this age-old problem? Don't try to tackle behavior on your own. Understanding behavior takes teamwork. Involve students' families in the process.  

Click on the pictures above for a handout that can be used to educate families. This handout addresses the following topics: Is Behavior a Sign? What are Typical Behaviors? What are Some Behavioral Signs? How to Steer Towards Positive Behavior. Plus, there is a "parent toolkit" with tips and resources.

Here are some additional resources to help communicate with students' families.

Looking for a weekly behavior report template…click here

Need a behavior report with more than one week on a page…click here 

Need a more detailed means to communicate behavior issues with parents…click here