Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Jellybean Math Fun!

I love mixing food and math together!! I know my kiddos love it, too! So here we go...it's jumpin' jellybean time!!

Provide each student with a bag of assorted jellybeans.
Have students look at their bag and make an estimate. Next, have students count to verify their actual total. As a a challenge for those smarties, have them find the difference between their estimate and total. Students will then sort their jellybeans by color and color their graphs accordingly.

Have students record their color totals using tally marks and finally with numerals. Next, students will analyze their delicious data by comparing quantities using greater than, less than, and equal signs.

Once students have compared quantities, they can write responses about their data. They will identify the jellybean color that they had the most of, the least of, and write equations using two and three addends. Included in this unit is a free response form for students to write about their jumpin’ jellybean graph and jellybean data.

Next, students will embark on a jellybean survey. They will ask their classmates whether they like jellybeans or not, collect, track, and organize the data.

Finally, have students create their own survey. What would they like to ask their classmates about in regards to jellybeans? Students will then collect, track, and organize their data.

Head on over to {TpT} to get your 9 pages of jumpin' jellybean math fun!!