Saturday, May 21, 2011

Summer To Do List: Behavior Reports

During the summer, one of the tasks I work on is completing my behavior report sheets for the entire school year. Each of my behavior report sheets has four school weeks on it. This cuts down on the number of times that I have to change out the page. 

I’ve included a snapshot of how I save these templates. By labeling each sheet as weeks 1-4, weeks 5-8, etc., I can easily find and access the appropriate page.

I place one sheet inside of each student’s home to school folders. During dismissal time, students are responsible for coloring in their own behavior. In the past, I’ve colored in the behavior myself. This would take up the majority of my prep…and students were detached from the responsibility and reflection. I know that some teachers put a stamp or sticker on each student’s hand to indicate daily behavior. {In my opinion}, this cuts into instructional time and promotes extrinsic rewards.

Here is a diagram explaining some of the components of my behavior report.