Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Student Math Journals

Oh, my!! 15 more days until Las Vegas teachers report to school. The countdown is really on! With only the tail end of summer left, I am motivated to ready myself for a new group of students! 

My first motivation was to redesign my old math journal templates from years ago. I enjoy teaching with journals of all types. But, I have to say, that I never thought I would enjoy math journals as much as I actually do. It allows students to become mathematical thinkers and reasoners. They have to reflect on their problem solving process and learn how to communicate their ideas. My school site also encourages the use of math journals. A good portion of our state assessment scores come from heavily weighted constructed response questions. 

My students have a monthly math journal that I collect and save to monitor student progress. First grade is such a remarkable year for growth and journals share that story. They are also a great resource to use during parent-teacher conferences to showcase a student's improvement or goals. Journals can even be used in instances where a student needs additional academic support (Response to Instruction). 

From updating my journal page templates, I put together a handy resource for you to create student math journals throughout the school year! My Math Journal Pages {Templates} offer a variety of resources to support students’ mathematical understanding and written expression. Download over 30 pages of constructed response forms and student reference pages. Clipart by ThistleGirl Designs. 

The first 3 bloggers to post a comment will receive my Math Journal Page Templates for free! 
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This product will be on sale until tomorrow (8/10/11)! Create your own student math journals today!! 


Amy said...

This sounds awesome! I think I could use this in 2nd grade too! (unfortunately I'm not a blogger, just an avid blog reader) Amy

Lisa R. said...

This would be amazing!! I love it!!


Kim said...

I'm sure the students greatly enjoy the journals.

melia said...

I love this idea!!!!


Kim said...

Kim's e-mail (comment#3)

Alicia Lochridge said...

Congratulations to Lisa, Kim, and Melia! You were the first three to comment AND leave your email!! Your free Math Journal Page Templates is on its way to your email. Thanks for posting! Enjoy.


Shelia said...

Wow! Wish I had gotten home from school earlier! Looks great!

Redhot teacher said...

I am trying to incorporate math journals into my classroom this year and didn't even know where to begin. This resource would be perfect to use. Kristy-bogelfamily@juno.com

diana.a said...

oh man, I'm sad I was at work and didn't see this post until now. I look forward to reading more about your math journals and seeing how you use them.

Barbara said...

I just bought these and they look GREAT! Thank you. I'm also a new follower:)

❀Barbara❀ (who's having her first giveaway!!!)
Grade ONEderful

The Schroeder Page said...

These look amazing...I am going to post about them on my facebook wall. Great ideas! I will pass them on to my first grade team!

The Schroeder Page

Mrs. S said...

Love your math journal ideas. :)

Jenniffer said...

I would love to have a copy of your Math journal templates. Thanks for being generous and sharing your great ideas.

Ginger Snaps said...

I just discovered your blog and it's awesome! I am starting math journals this year and this is a great resource even though I teach 3rd!


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