Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bulletin Boards Made Simple

The thought of putting up bulletin boards has always been a daunting task for me. I cringe at the thought of putting up the background paper, hanging the title straight, and updating for each holiday. For the sake of my own sanity, I have been using a simple and efficient approach to my bulletin boards. 

At the start of the school year, I still have to hang my background paper...but, I don't worry about hanging my title perfectly or changing out my bulletin board. My bulletin board stays up all year! 

Each year I decide on a different theme. Last year's theme was close to my heart. I chose to go with a Marine Corps bulletin board since my 
son was at bootcamp. When recruits enter bootcamp, they find themselves standing on yellow footprints. These footprints symbolize the start of their journey, where their lives will be changed forever. 

I went with the Marine Corps' colors and chose a title to go with my recruit's journey. This applied to my students since they were stepping it up to first grade! One of my favorite bulletin board ideas is to create a title using letter squares. I can stagger and angle the squares without pulling out a level or having to restaple. I also laminate and staple construction paper to mark each student's spot.

I have so much on my plate, and wrestling with bulletin boards takes away precious time. Whether my bulletin board has student work posted or not, it is still decorated. 


goobers51 said...

What a great idea! I am also a Marine Mom...congratulations on your son's graduation...wasn't it spectacular?? Pam

Alicia Lochridge said...

Congrats to you, as well! There's nothing like the Corps. Ooh Rah!!


Anonymous said...

I'm a Marine sister and love the theme!!

I hang bulletin boards with the construction paper backing too. I'm going to need to make more of the individual letters for titles. Love the way that looks :)

Kitty W said...

What a great idea! I LOVE keeping it simple, and love the idea of those tile letter titles. FANTASTIC!! BTW, I love your Blog Design, so cute!
The Write Handed Teacher

Annie Moffatt said...

This is so simple, yet so beautiful! I really love your blog and look forward to your posts:)
Annie Moffatt

Colleen said...

So cute! I am a Marine wife (17 years!!) and I teach aboard Camp Lejeune. I am embarking on the adventure of being on the faculty of a brand-new school building called Heroes Elementary. I plan to go with a "patriotic" theme, and something like this would be awesome and simple :) Thank you for sharing!

Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful idea! I just put up my first bulletin boards and wow...that paper is a pain to put up! I couldn't believe it...this is a great idea! I love it. :)

- Elizabeth

Jennifer said...

Awesome theme! Way to keep it simple! I would LOVE to spend forever on my bulletin boards, but there just isn't enough time in the day! Thanks for the tips!

Rowdy in First Grade

Susan said...

Thank you for sharing, and thank you to your son for all he does to serve our country! God bless him! (And you.)

Alicia Lochridge said...

@ Colleen: Love the name "Heroes Elementary"!! You can have so much fun with that theme. Do you teach children whose parents are in the military? After graduating from bootcamp in San Diego, my son was stationed in North Carolina (Camp Johnson) for his job training. Thanks for posting. Enjoy your school year.


Alicia Lochridge said...

@ Annie: Thank you for your kind words. I enjoy your blog as well!!

@ Susan: You are so kind! My son loves what he does. There's nothing better than loving what you do!!


Cara Carroll said...

Love this idea, Alicia!! Seriously though, you are NOT old enough to have a son in the Marine Corps!!! You must be SO proud!!!!

Cara :)
The First Grade Parade

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