Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nursery Rhyme Homework Booklet

Homework is important because it not only reinforces what students learn in class, but it also helps them to develop a sense of responsibility. First grade homework assignments are designed to help students develop a sense of responsibility and good work habits. 

Some children take to reading at a younger age and can read independently by the time they finish kindergarten. For others, it can be a struggle to learn their letters by the time kindergarten ends. When entering first grade, students have a wide range of reading skills. 

My nursery rhyme homework booklet is designed with this in mind. This booklet includes a parent letter, homework schedule, homework task checklist, challenge homework activities, and 10 nursery rhymes. 

Available at my TpT store, this product allows for the practice of basic skills to solidify basic concepts and readiness skills. These specific skills include: the direction to move when you read (from left to right), identifying rhyming words, capital letters, and initial letter sounds. However, for the accelerated student who enjoys an extra challenge, there are OPTIONAL homework challenge activities. Clipart by ThistleGirl Designs. 


Anonymous said...

I love this idea! Nursery Rhymes are so important to develop phonemic awareness too. I always like to buy new mothers a big nursery rhyme book for the baby. The rhymes are so good for little ears to hear. Can't wait to download.

Tami said...

That's a really cute idea.

The Wooden Shutter said...

This is my first year in first grade after teaching for 10 years! I am excited to find out what first is all about! This booklet looks like the perfect place to start!

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