Thursday, June 23, 2011

CCSS Reading Foundational Skills {Onset & Rime Awareness}

The study of onset and rime is crucial to the development of reading and writing in K-2 students. "An onset is the consonant letter before the vowel in a given word or syllable, and a rime is the vowel and consonants that follow the vowel in a given word or syllable" ( For example, in the word cat, the onset is the letter c and the rime is the letters at. 

Today’s download offers two interactive songs to foster skills for “Blend[ing] and segment[ing] onsets and rimes of single-syllable spoken words {Common Core State Standard RF.K.2c}. Graphics by Lettering Delights. 

In addition, I have included links to interactive onset and rime games on and free classroom materials that are immediately useful in implementing independent student center activities at Click on the pictures to access these links. 


Unknown said...

Great download!! Thanks so much!!
First Grade Blue SKiES

Jill said...

Love it, thank you!

Magnificent Multiagers!

Dana Baker said...

Love the chants! Thank you!

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