Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shoot for the Moon!

You've felt that fire inside, right?!? That drive that makes you feel invincible?! It is this passion and zeal that has surprised me so often. This summer was a perfect example. I set out to write a proposal for a DonorsChoose project. Writing the request was daunting in its own right. I didn't kid myself. I knew that the possibility of funding was slim. Especially since I was requesting technology. Even after looking at other modest proposals, I still felt empowered. I knew that I had the best intentions. I felt as if I could will it true. Could there really be donors generous enough to fund this teacher's wish? 

Two days before my proposal was set to expire, my project was funded!! This is one instance where I'm glad I didn't over think. I hope you feel that passion and zeal. Surprise yourself…jump in...do something big! Remember, it is free to dream. Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars!! 


Kathy said...

Congrats to you!!

First Grade a la Carte

Dee said...

A hearty congratulations to you! What an inspiring post! Yes, we need to dare to dream. Best wishes to you, your class and the new Elmo.
First Impressions

Unknown said...

There is hope!! My grant only has another maybe 2o something days =) But you've given me hope!! Thanks!
First Grade Blue SKies

Sandra said...

LOVE IT!!! I will def. think about applying for something now!!! How awesome!


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