Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Our Story: In Search of Greener Pastures

My husband and I were born and raised in Nevada. I was a city girl who grew up in Las Vegas. James was a country boy who lived on a ranch in Henderson. I loved to listen to the stories of his childhood as he told me about his horses, chickens, and goats. We dreamed about owning our own property one day. For the past decade, we researched locations, looking at places all over the country. But, dreaming was all we did. Raising kids, career, surgeries and life just got in the way.

James has an extensive history of back surgery. He has five levels fused in the lumbar region of his back. He is in excruciating pain everyday. It killed me to watch him sit around in a stucco house, on less than a 1/6 of an acre in a hot, arid desert, watching TV, and waiting for me to come home from work. I knew that I needed to provide him with a better quality of life. I knew that I needed to get him to a place where he could reconnect with his childhood and heal his soul…a place where he could keep moving and have purpose. He yearned for land and horses.

During the summer of 2013, we took a road trip to Kentucky. I wanted James to see more of the United States. And, if he loved horses, we were going to visit the horse capital of the world…Kentucky! We fell in love with Kentucky and knew it was our future home.

I spent the last decade building my career as an educator and administrator, creating a home for James and his children. Now that they are grown and I have established my career, it is time for James. James has devoted his life to us, making sure that we are set in our own careers. He never waivers. Never complains. That was why I was willing to uproot my home, career, and family. I resigned from my job as an assistant principal in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 28, 2014. We arrived in Kentucky in April 2014. It has been quite an adventure!! Stay tuned for more posts on what we’ve been up to here in Kentucky.


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