Saturday, April 9, 2011

Five Senses Science Unit

My students and I have been enjoying my latest science unit…Experimenting with the 5 Senses! This is one of my favorite units to teach because it is hands-on and engaging. For this unit, I compiled experiments to go with each sense. This lets students use the scientific process to explore. I have also written and included an “Experimenting with the Senses” page that lists materials, scientific process questions, and procedures for the teacher. This is great because it outlines what the teacher needs to do to introduce the unit, prepare, teach the lessons, and wrap-up the unit. You can even cut and paste the materials & procedures into your lesson plans!! 

For the students, there is a “My 5 Senses Journal” page cover, KWL, “My Scientific Process” page, “Blindfolded Builders” experiment, “Purposeful Pupils” experiment, “Good Vibrations” demonstration, “Telephone Cups” experiment, “What’s That Sound” experiment and recording page, “What’s That Smell” experiment and recording page, “Can You Feel It?” experiment, “Taste Test” experiment, “About our Tongue” information and diagram, “About the Tongue” cloze sentences review or quiz, tree map, brace map, and sensory pictures sort. 
There are 19 pages of engaging, stimulating, and hands-on experiments and materials for you and your class! I don’t know who will enjoy the unit more…you or your students!! {Get this unit today!}!!


Allison @ Room Mom 101 said...

I just came acorss your blog and love your ideas here! Your idea for "Teacher What Do I Do Next?" is such a simple, but great idea. I have added you to my side bar. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

Sarah said...

I LOVE this idea! Thanks for sharing! I always look forward to reading your blog!


Anonymous said...

Your things are absolutely adorable. Where do you get the cute clip art and fonts?

Alicia Lochridge said...

I love to use Thistle Girl Designs, Scrappin Doodles, DJ Inkers, and Lettering Delights. For fonts, I mostly use Peas for Fonts and Fonts for MT.


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