Saturday, April 16, 2011

Personal Spelling Dictionaries

One of the most challenging parts of teaching is when students constantly ask how to spell a word. Not only is this frustrating to me, but students are not learning independence. Plus, I am NOT a spelling robot!! :) 
Since teaching first grade for 6 years, I have combed the web and found some personal spelling dictionaries for students. However, they weren’t that user friendly. They lacked common high frequency words, page numbers, special word lists, or graphics to help students through ABC order.
To solve this little dilemma of mine, I created a spelling dictionary for my students to use in class. I made sure to incorporate high frequency words, page numbers, special word lists, and graphics to help with ABC order. I even added lines for students to add their own words, an over and over word list, and kid-friendly steps on how to find a word.

Last year, I shared these dictionaries with my grade level and we decided to send them to graphics to have them professionally bound. Over the course of the year, my grade level has remarked on the usefulness of these dictionaries. In my own classroom, my students always take out their spelling dictionary (without even being prompted)!! Students show self-reliance, independence, and are applying dictionary skills.

When you meet with parents during conference time, inform them of your strategies for helping students spell. You can even provide a spelling dictionary to be kept at home.  

Take a weight off…head on over to my {TpT} store and get your student-friendly dictionary. There are 25 pages in all. Clipart by Scrappin Doodles  and Lettering Delights.


Katie King said...

I really like this idea... on my wishlist for now!

Queen of the First Grade Jungle

Heather Simpson said...

What a wonderful idea!!!

Meagan said...

Love this idea! :)

Kerri and Lindsay said...

Love it! Your dictionaries are too cute! I just might be purchasing this tomorrow!!
Thank you!
kerri B

Tiffani said...

Wow that is awesome- I like the idea of having it professionally made- Just may need to take up my friends offer- she owns a printing shop:)

Thanks for joining the linky-party
Time 4 Kindergarten

Anonymous said...

So glad I went websurfing and found this resource. I see all the words I needed in one spot. Thank you.

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