Monday, March 14, 2011

Can Seeds Grow in a Straw?

In addition to the lima bean experiment, the class started another project to see if plants can grow without soil. 

Students were introduced to the seed of a grain- wheat. We then had a discussion in which students shared what they know about grains: Plants are important sources of food for people. What kinds of plants do people eat? Has anyone heard of plants called grains? What are some of the grains you have eaten? (Wheat, oats, corn, barley, rice)

Students each received a seed and were asked to describe what they observed. We then discussed whether or not this seed could grow without soil. Most of the class agreed that it would grow since they were witnessing the lima beans growing roots. 

After modeling how to create the seed-in-a-straw, each student received 2 straws marked 3” from the bottom (in case one didn’t grow), 2 paper towel wicks (1”x3”), and 2 wheat seeds. 

Next, students independently prepared their two straws. After preparation, the class put their straws into a large plastic cup of water with the wicks down.  

Here are the results after 1 week:


Michelle said...

That is so cool. Thanks for sharing! My class is starting our unit on plants next week. We will definitely have to give this a try too.

Anonymous said...

My daughter did the same activity in her 2nd grade class. She has since brought her plant home and wants to plant it in dirt. My question is: do we plant it with or without the straw? I thought the straw would keep it stable. Does it need more space to grow?


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