Friday, March 25, 2011

R.I.P. Dead Words

How many of you are tired of seeing students use the words awesome, cool, nice, or death? I know that I am! Especially when students come back saying that they added details and these are the words that they chose to describe. So, the other day we had a mini lesson before our writer’s workshop entitled, “Dead Words.” I drafted a quick paragraph using these powerless words. I then showed students a visual of a tombstone with their overused words. 
I went through my draft and crossed out the dead words. As a class, we came up with a word bank of synonyms to be used as more exciting alternatives. 
I went back to my draft, added these new powerful words and voila!!! My revision was much more alive and powerful. My students enjoyed the spin! 


Katie King said...

My kids are too scared to write "I had fun" because they know Mrs. King will flip out. LOVE this idea!

ashley said...

I will be doing this soon! At Halloween time I bought some of those plastic or foam tombstones that I plan on using to create a "resting" place for our dead words. Glad to hear your class enjoyed this! Hope mine will too!

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