Saturday, March 5, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Fun

What's more fun than celebrating holiday fun while learning! I love using thematic units. In my classroom, I especially like doing math and science activities for the holidays. So, we will have some "St. Patrick's Day Data Fun" by graphing Lucky Charms and conducting the Potato Race Experiment. Check out my unit for sale on {TpT}. 

Lucky Charms graphing utilizes a variety of math skills for first grade. Before receiving a baggie full of cereal, students will make an estimate regarding the number of marshmallows they have. Students will then verify their estimate by counting their total. Next, students will sort their marshmallows by type and then graph accordingly. Now comes the fun part...students will compare quantities using greater than, less than, and equal signs. They will answer questions regarding most, least, and write equations using marshmallow totals.

Data Analysis
In the potato race experiment, students will practice making and testing a hypothesis.

Using two different types of potatoes, students will observe each potatoes' characteristics. The teacher will set up a ramp and explain that the potatoes will be released simultaneously. The race will be conducted 10 times. Based on this information, students must predict which potato will win the race. Students will graph the results, verify if their hypothesis was correct, note observations from the experiment, and make conclusions about the experiment's results.
Hypothesis and Data Collection Page
Want a delicious treat? Make some "Shamrock Shakes"!! Get some holiday themed cups, lime sherbet, and Sprite. Spoon some sherbet into a cup, pour some Sprite over the top...and voila! Don't forget some spoons, straws, and napkins. :)

For more holiday fun, Rachelle from "What the Teacher Wants!" blogspot posted a free St. Patty's Day Mini Unit. 


Stephanie said...

I LOVE the potato RACE!!! WE will definatley be having one of those TOMORROW!! :) Thank you for the idea!

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